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Under the terms and conditions of Regulation No 260/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council, which will enter into force in Estonia on 1 February 2014, international bank account numbers (IBAN) will be introduced into Estonia.

With the translation of base bank account numbers (BBAN) into international bank account numbers (IBAN), account numbers will have 20 digits.

Example of the structure of the Estonian IBAN

The Estonian IBAN has 20 digits – the six-digit IBAN header, followed by a fourteen-digit domestic bank account number. Where the customer’s account number is shorter than 14 digits, the necessary amount of zeros will be added in front of the number. The IBAN header consists of a two-digit country code (EE in the case of Estonia), followed by a two-digit check digit, and a two-digit bank identifier code.

Country code
Check digit
Bank identifier code
Base account number



The calculator allows for the calculation of IBANs for all the bank account numbers of banks operating in Estonia.

Calculate the IBAN on the basis of the domestic bank account number

Calculate several IBANs on the basis of domestic bank account numbers

Calculate several IBANs on the basis of domestic account numbers contained in a file

Check whether the IBAN account number complies with the international standard

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